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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity inspires innovation.

We believe success is created by a diverse workforce of individuals with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds.


Open the Circle

Our community exists within a very imperfect world, so we must all counter the broader cultural inertia. It's not about discriminating, it's about actively welcoming and including. It's not about being colorblind, it's about being colorful.


Lead with Love

We lean into important conversations with open minds and open hearts. When we believe we see bias or insensitivity, we exercise radical candor. We avoid call-outs and assume positive intent. We bravely admit our mistakes and share our learnings broadly.


Know Our Unknowns

We strive to be aware of the gaps in our knowledge and experience. We lean into important conversations with open minds and open hearts. When we believe we see bias or insensitivity, we exercise radical candor. We make few assumptions and ask many questions.


No Spokespeople

We recognize each person can only share their individual perspective. While we encourage this sharing, no one person speaks or should be asked to speak on behalf of some aspect of their identity. When inquiring, we lean into our six Employee Resource Groups or standard research methods.
How We Compare

Gather by the numbers


of our employees feel like their managers genuinely care about their wellbeing.


of our employees are proud to work at Gather.


of our employees feel confident that their work contributes meaningfully to our mission.
* Compared to New Tech Benchmark data from ~150 tech companies our size, collected by Culture Amp.
Perks & Benefits

Do your best work, live your best life.

Our Office

What you’ll love about our New York office.

Get away from the desk and get cozy in the library. (Rendering: Rapt Studio)
Overlooking the High Line and Hudson River, the commons is great for quick chats and large presentations. (Rendering: Rapt Studio)
Adjacent to the communal space, the kitchen has plenty of room at the bar and breakfast nook. (Rendering: Rapt Studio)
Dedicated, private, team-designed enclaves, with layout and furniture to suit their working style. (Rendering: Rapt Studio)
Bike Rooms
Shower Rooms
All-Gender Restrooms
Nursing & Wellness Rooms

Emily Hittner, PhD

Director of Research
I am so humbled to work at Gather. I feel grounded by the clarity and intention in working towards building an app that is designed to be deleted.

Emily Hittner, PhD

Director of Research
My coworkers are the best part of my job. Everyone has a very open, collaborative attitude. It's a huge reason why I, and I'm sure others, have been here for so long.
Our Principles

How we do things

Hiring Process

We pride ourselves on our people. Here’s how we find the best.

A call to get to know each other.

As a first step, we want to have a quick chat to learn more about you, your career goals, and why you’re interested in Gather and the role you applied for. Bring your questions—this should be a good fit for both of us!

The skills interview.

You’ll meet with members of the team you’d be working with at Gather to discuss your experience in the key skills needed for the role. (We’ll make sure we’re on the same page about what they are before the interview.) It’s also a good time to get answers to all your nitty-gritty questions about the day-to-day work on this team.

We're hiring.


Solves user problems by creating new features and improving existing interfaces and interactions.


Advocates for organizational effectiveness in the context of hyper-growth, while protecting Gather’s most precious resource, our people.
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