Dating isn't easy. Follow these expert-based tips to maximize your chances to start something real and holy.

Photo Guide

Your photos tell your story. Here's your guide to choosing the best ones.

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Make a great first impression

The first photo gets the most attention on Gather. It's also the thumbnail photo your matches see.

Tip 2/3

Include a variety of photos

These types of photos show off your personality and are great for conversation starters.

Tip 3/3

Avoid these types of photos

Photos that hide your face are seen as low effort.

Prompt Guide

Put your best foot forward by creating a profile that brings out the real you.

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Choose a range of prompt questions

Highlight your personality and dating intentions by answering different prompt themes.

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Prompts are your time to shine

Prompts showcase your personality and kickstart great conversations. Here are some examples and why they work.

Tip 3/3

Most common mistakes to avoid

Stay positive, steer clear of obvious answers, and put in some effort. Here are a few examples to stay away from.

Matching Guide

Follow these tips to find a great match on Gather.

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Send likes to help us learn your type

Send likes each day for personalized recommendations. Sunday night is the most popular time for sending likes.

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Stand out by commenting

Commenting on a photo or prompt instead of just liking helps you standout. This extra little effort goes a long way.

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Catch their eye by sending a Superlike

Superlikes are always seen first and are twice as likely to lead to a date.

Conversation Guide

Great conversation leads to great dates. Here's how to turn a match into a date.

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Fuel the convo the day you match

It's important to build momentum early while you're focused on each other. Here's how to keep things progressing.

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Keep things fresh by switching the topic

Don't be afraid to switch to a new topic. Here are some ideas to help you get past the small talk.

Tip 3/3

Take it to the next level

Don't wait for things to cool down before asking for their number. Most people are comfortable moving off the app within 5 days of chatting.