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At my last job, I worked a lot. I had time for work, exercise, daily mass, and maybe the occasional parish event. That’s it. I wanted a (Catholic) girlfriend but realized that there was just no way for me to connect to all of the Catholics I might want to. And that was frustrating. I lived in Washington, D.C. and knew there were thousands of Catholics all around me — but I had no way to connect with them. It’s hard enough to meet people in your own parish, let alone across the entire diocese. I knew the technology existed, so we gave it a shot.

I didn’t know the majority of the people in my own parish, let alone in the entire diocese. My future wife could be six parishes over and I’d have no idea.

Dating apps aren’t perfect. Real relationships don’t happen online. But technology can be a wonderful tool that the Church can sanctify. We want to use this technology not to keep people online but to get them offline faster — into the real world, where real relationship happens.

(The Tower

October 30, 2020
The goal is to build even more beautiful Catholic communities — complementing and supporting our overburdened parishes

The Pilot

June 23, 2023
The goal of Gather is to help Catholics meet other single Catholics nearby and go on in-person dates quickly

Catholic News Agency

February 1, 2020
No one stays after Mass to talk, and very few people attend parish events, so it's difficult to meet everyone within our parish, let alone our diocese
Gather Timeline

The road to today


Eric creates Koin, an app for
Catholic groups and events


Koin pivots to Gather, a Catholic dating app, in the hope of helping those with the strongest pain point


Gather launches the Washington, D.C. market to improve the product


Gather becomes the #1 Catholic dating app and begins to scale nationally

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