The first line of defense for all technical issues is to log out and back in to your Gather account. This will refresh and re-sync your device to our server:

  1. Tap the Gear Icon
  2. Tap Log Out
  3. Tap "Continue With Facebook" or "Or Phone Number"

If that doesn’t work, please try uninstalling the Gather app from your phone and reinstalling it from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

This is another way to refresh and re-sync and will ensure that you have the latest version of the app if you haven’t updated it recently. Your profile will not be deleted as long as you do not tap Delete Account from within the Gather App.

If you find that your hidden chats, conversations, or likes are disappearing--you might have a lot of them and it’s taking a moment for our server to sync all that data into your app. Make sure your WiFi is strong and give it about 30 seconds and you’ll see that info populate.